Beautiful Martha got married this summer in Woodside Warehouse.  She had a bespoke dress of silk crepe and silk tulle with some pops of bright floral embroidery. finished off with some beautiful florals by Briar Rose14409443_10154436035355600_1205305963905685977_o14372078_10154436035205600_516902317755668834_o14362673_10154436032285600_4644559816328234086_o14409524_10154436032190600_998126116314193006_o14372052_10154436029430600_6643580368918396923_o14379967_10154436029165600_4730565557309133087_o14352228_10154436027580600_7849035616186766378_o14379660_10154436027400600_2268383210960495254_o.  Photography Neil Thomas Douglas Photography


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